Chances are that your business uses technology every day for critical business functions: Shipping, marketing, accounting, customer management, and sales, just to name a few. And with your dependence on technology comes the need for expert IT management and computer support – but as a small business, how can you afford it?


Cosain Data offers a way for you to get the qualified technical support your Boulder / Longmont business needs without employing an IT department. Our computer support program provides help exactly when you need it, at a price that a small company like yours can afford.


What we provide
Our technical support gives your Boulder / Longmont company assistance with a wide variety of IT needs, including: Help with computers and networks; hardware design and configuration; software installation and training; virus removal; data backup and recovery; and key computer support functions. 



Need more reasons to outsource your technical support? Here are a few:

  • Convenient access to our team of U.S.-based computer support specialists
  • Help in meeting best practices for your IT infrastructure
  • Reduced downtime and improved employee productivity
  • More available funds for other needs
  • More time to build your business (and your profits)



Most small businesses can’t justify the resources necessary to hire and maintain a full technical support department in-house – and they shouldn’t. With our computer support programs, you’ll have faster, more cost-effective computer help available anytime, right at your fingertips.
Contact us now and see why Longmont / Boulder companies choose Cosain Data for technical support.